Typhoon No. 19 3 major communications companies: 10:15 on October 11 for measures to prepare for failures

In preparation for Typhoon No. 19, the three major communication companies have set up a disaster response headquarters and are taking countermeasures so that they can quickly recover from communication failures.

Each company is making it possible to deploy mobile base station cars and power supply cars in areas where typhoons are approaching, as well as securing personnel to deal with recovery.

In addition, each company's mobile shop offers a free charging service that can be used by contractors of other companies, and in the event of damage, a satellite mobile phone can be lent to the local government if requested. To do.

In AU's KDDI, charging facilities that can be used free of charge have been installed in Kyonan-cho and Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, and seven evacuation centers in Sanmu City. It is.

NTT East is also taking measures against power outages and storms, installing waterproof boards and fixing equipment in buildings with communication facilities, mobile base station cars, power supply cars, We also secure personnel.

In addition, three major communication companies provide a message board service for disasters that allows users to register and confirm information on safety via the Internet, and a service that delivers safety information to their families by voice using apps such as smartphones.

NTT East also provides a “disaster message dial” service that allows users to register and check voice messages. To tell yourself about your safety, you can register a message by calling 171 from a landline or mobile phone and entering your home or work phone number. To listen to a registered message, dial 171 and enter the number of the other party's landline you want to check for safety.

NTT East also operates the “Disaster Message Board / web171” that allows users to register and confirm safety information on the site. The address is “https://www.web171.jp”.