Typhoon No.19 home center is out of disaster supplies October 11th 13:07

To prepare for Typhoon No.19, many people in Tokyo's home centers have started to buy dry batteries and tapes for window glass immediately after opening on the morning of the 11th.

At the home center in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, about 50 people formed a line before the store opened at 10:00 am, and at the same time they opened the store, they purchased products to prepare for the typhoon.

This home center sells about four times as many tapes to prevent the window glass from cracking, blue sheets to prepare for damage to the roof of the house, cassette cookers and cylinders, as well as dry batteries and Many people buy emergency food.

The store is crowded right after the store opens, and shelves displaying products to prepare for typhoons are out of stock.

A woman in her twenties said, “I came to look for a cassette stove but I could only find a stove for grilled meat. I am looking for a charger for a mobile phone that can be charged with dry batteries. I ’m worried about it. ”

Mr. Minami Takumi of Shimatada Homes Nakano Main Store says, “I ordered products twice to 2.5 times the usual amount based on the previous typhoon, but I can't keep up with the purchase.”