Chiba Typhoon No.15 Damaged Accommodation Reopening due to slowdown in reservations October 9th 10:38

In Chiba Prefecture, accommodations damaged by Typhoon No. 15 have continued to be unable to make new reservations even if they finally reopened their business, and there are calls for people to feel free to visit the affected areas.

Of these, at a hotel in Tateyama, part of the roof tiles were blown by a typhoon, the windows of the guest rooms were cracked, and the rooms were flooded with rain.

As a result of the restoration work, we have finally resumed partially using 50 rooms, which is one third of the entire guest rooms, starting on the 10th.

However, there were many cancellations of reservations that had been made at the end of the year, and there were almost no new reservations after the decision to resume, so this month is only about one-sixth of the previous year.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, as of 7th of this month, out of the 149 accommodation facilities damaged by the typhoon, most of them have resumed business, but reservations have been sluggish.

“Tateyama Resort Hotel” manager Iida Takashi said, “I think that having many people lead to the recovery of the disaster-affected areas. I want you to share your power and see how well we are.” .

The prefecture sends information on the official tourism product website

Chiba Prefecture has posted information on resuming operations of facilities in the prefecture on its official tourism product website, “Marugoto e!

The latest version is information as of the 9th, and out of a total of 188 facilities such as Tateyama City and Minamiboso City, etc., the business has been resumed or can be entered so far. Introducing that.

The Chiba Prefectural Tourism Promotion Promotion Division, which summarizes the information on the site, said, “We thought it was important to be able to see the status of tourist facilities at once, and we tried to collect information right after the typhoon. I want you to see the figure. "