Dutch people are often too tired to live healthier lives. Tiredness, stress and a lack of time are the most frequently cited reasons for insufficient exercise and relaxation, according to research by Kantar Public commissioned by Zilveren Kruis.

We almost unanimously agree that regular exercise, a healthy diet, enough relaxation and a good night's rest are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Still it is difficult to live healthier.

Healthy habits

According to experts, the best way is to learn healthy habits in small steps. The app 'Actify, the vitality coach' is an initiative of Zilveren Kruis and helps you with this. Without having to go on a diet or to the gym.

Before you know it, healthy living becomes a habit and you no longer have to think about it. Here are some (of the many) simple tips.

Move regularly
Regular exercise contributes to your health. And did you know that when you move, your brain creates a lucky substance? You don't have to run a marathon for this, after getting up every hour does wonders.

According to Hidde van der Ploeg, researcher at Amsterdam UMC, the combination of small steps and real goals is the key to a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. "Walking is already intensive enough for health benefits. Even if you are not in the mood or tired, just one block can be enough for that day."

Sleep well
All impressions you gain during the day are processed in your sleep. And did you know that your body produces more new cells and antibodies when you sleep?

Give your sleeping pattern a healthy boost by going to bed at the same time each day. When this is a habit, your body gets used to it and you automatically go to sleep. Dim the lights half an hour before you go to sleep and clear your head before crawling under the wool.

Enough relaxation
Stress is not only bad for your health, it also stands in the way of a good night's sleep, productive work day or healthy eating habits. Being sufficiently relaxed helps you manage your stress.

Go offline and listen to music, do a power nap during the day, call a friend or meditate for five minutes with a handy meditation app. Such a recovery moment can give your energy a huge boost.

Healthy food
Your immune system and digestion will be grateful when you eat healthily. A healthy meal also has an effect on your mood and even on your focus.

Therefore try to eat two hundred grams of vegetables and two pieces of fruit every day. In terms of hydration, five glasses of water (in addition to your daily coffee or tea) will go a long way.

It can also help you to always prepare your breakfast, snacks and lunch in advance. This saves you time and so you are less tempted to stock up on canteen snacks.

How good are you in your skin?

Do you also want healthy eating, more exercise, better relaxation and good sleep to become a habit? Then first do the Check of Zilveren Kruis to see how good you are in your skin and where there is room for improvement. You will then receive specific tips to get started right away.