Applying the Disaster Reconstruction Support Act to four cities including Kimitsu and Kamogawa in Chiba Prefecture October 2:16:56

Chiba Prefecture has decided to apply the “Damage Life Reconstruction Support Law” to support households that have suffered significant damage to their homes due to typhoons in four cities, including Kimitsu City and Kamogawa City. There are now seven municipalities that have been determined to apply.

The Disaster Reconstruction Life Support Act supports households that have suffered significant damage to their homes due to disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, and provides the necessary funds for rebuilding their lives. Applies to municipalities that exceed.

Chiba Prefecture applied to three cities and towns, Tateyama City, Minami Boso City, and Tominami Town, on the 27th of last month, but Kimitsu City, Kamogawa City, Futtsu City and Sakai City Decided to apply to the four cities.

Households whose houses were damaged in these seven cities and towns can apply up to the counter of their respective municipalities for up to 3 million yen for households whose houses have been completely destroyed, and up to 250 yen for large-scale half-destructed households. Ten thousand yen will be paid.

The prefecture says that other municipalities will continue to apply if they meet the standards.

In addition, the prefecture is making preparations to provide similar support for municipal households that ultimately do not meet the standards of the support law.