Reluctantly going to the office because your work is boring. Always look at the clock at work, because you can't wait to go home. Worry in bed in the evening and ask yourself why you don't dare to quit your job. They are signs that you may suffer from a bore-out. What exactly is a bore-out and what can you do about it?

Type 'burn-out' at Google and you get about 620 million hits. Do the same with 'bore-out' and you will soon notice: considerably less is written about this topic. That while the symptoms of a burn-out and bore-out are comparable: fatigue, reduced involvement in work, concentration problems and the feeling that you are performing less well at work.

The difference, however, lies at the heart of the problem: in the case of a burn-out, you are usually burned out due to excessive work pressure and a bore-out is caused by boredom. Boredom as a result of too little work, too little interesting work, too little challenge or too little meaning in your work. This makes you so bored that you get tired and unhappy.


Research from research organization TNO that in 2017 about 16 percent of Dutch employees experience burnout complaints. This is an increase of 6 percent compared to 2007, when around 11 percent of employees suffered from a burnout.

Less is known about a bore-out. According to a Swiss survey, around 15 percent of employees are walking around with serious bore-out symptoms.

Tips: you can do this against a bore-out

Do you think that you suffer from bore-out symptoms? These tips can help you get back to work with a good feeling.

1. Investigate what gives you energy
Sometimes the problem is not the job itself, but the daily tasks that you are doing. Therefore make a list with your daily activities and research that gives you energy and which doesn't. Now it appears that you still like your job, but that the problem lies with your daily tasks? Then discuss this with your manager.

2. Be open
The sooner you are open about how you feel, the sooner you can look for a solution. Therefore, quickly start a conversation with your manager and tell honestly what is bothering you. Together you can look at your current work and investigate whether something can be arranged. Think of more hours, other tasks or more responsibility.

3. Does the job not suit you? Dare to take the next step
Sometimes it is just that you are ready for a new challenge. Unfortunately, your current job does not always give you the opportunity to grow. Or maybe you are completely in the wrong industry and you want to do something completely different. Don't be afraid to take a risk and quit your job if it doesn't make you happy anymore. There is always something else ahead of you.

Don't be slowed down

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