As soon as the gingerbread cookies arrive in the store, everyone realizes that Santa and Santa are on their way again. That means it's time to start thinking about gifts again. But that is not always easy. That's why more and more people prefer a gift card.

Gift cards are gaining in popularity year after year for both giver and recipient. The turnover of companies that sell gift cards continues to rise every year. This is confirmed by the industry association that publishes a GFK survey annually in February.

The gift must have been successful

But what is the best gift to give? And what do you want to say with the gift? Especially when it comes to a business gift, it is difficult to make a choice. The Gift card monitor 2018, a survey conducted by GFK, shows that people like to choose a gift that everyone likes. In that case, a gift card is the best option, because the recipient can still choose.

Choice of gift cards

But which gift card do you select? It must certainly suit and fit within the budget. Do you want to give a personal gift that surprises the recipient? Then Bladcadeau, for example, is a good choice. The recipient can choose his own favorite magazine (s) or read it digitally and then receives it on the bus or in the app for weeks or months. You can surprise someone from as little as 5 euros.


With a gift it's really not just about the content. The same GFK survey shows that 59 percent of buyers find credit in the form of online codes impersonal. 82 percent are interested in attractive packaging for gift cards. This is already arranged with Bladcadeau. There are special gift boxes for Santa and Christmas, and as a company you can also have a gift card made entirely in your own style with a message for the recipient on it. This is possible from a limited edition.

A moment for yourself gift

With Bladcadeau you do not give someone one present, but for weeks or months his or her favorite magazine on the bus or in the app. Whether he or she likes fashion, sports, cooking, cars, travel, comics, interior design, big questions of life or good gossip, there is a magazine for everyone. Think of LINDA, Libelle, Quest, vtwonen, National Geographic, Donald Duck, vtwonen, Psychologie, Autoweek, Story and much more.

In short, with a Leaf Gift you bypass all the problems that come with coming up with a gift and you offer the recipient a real moment for themselves. For more information about Bladcadeau go to the site or buy it in stores such as Albert Heijn, AKO, Bruna, Jumbo and Primera.