Typhoon No.15 Pay careful attention to rain recovery work in the affected areas of Chiba, September 29 12:00

In the affected areas of Chiba Prefecture, where the typhoon No. 15 caused significant damage, it has been raining intermittently since the morning of the 29th. Residents wear cleansers to clean up. The Meteorological Observatory is calling on you to be very careful during restoration work.

According to the Choshi Regional Meteorological Observatory, the atmosphere is somewhat unstable in Chiba due to the warm and humid air flowing in, and it is raining in some places.

Of these, in the Nako district of Tateyama City, residents put on rain gear and cleaned up and transported them to a collection site for disaster trash.

There are tatami mats and futons that have become wet and can no longer be used, but because the rain has soaked and become heavy, the disposal does not proceed, and I am concerned about the path of Typhoon No. 18, and there is no time to rest .

Residents in their 40s said, “It would be hard if it rained, but there was no choice but to cooperate with the residents.” The meteorological observatory is calling for enough attention during the restoration work because there is a risk of thunder and heavy rain in the evening.