Simple lunch starts at elementary school Chiba Tateyama 27th September 17:05

In Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, the local school lunch center was damaged by Typhoon No. 15, and the situation where school lunches could not be resumed at elementary and junior high schools continued. I started school lunch.

The school lunch center in Tateyama City has been unable to anticipate the resumption of school lunches due to the typhoon No. 15 that requires a large-scale renovation, such as the ceiling plate of the cooking room being peeled off and mold leaking due to rain leaks.

Under these circumstances, on the 27th, a simple lunch offering of rice and jelly started with the cooperation of the Chiba Prefectural School Lunch Association and a private company.

Of these, approximately 750 children and teachers were prepared at the municipal Hojo Elementary School. The children brought their side dishes from their homes, and at lunch time, they had a lunch box beside them and ate deliciously with their friends.

A 6th grade boy said, “Everyone eats very delicious. I want to eat the usual lunch early.”

The school lunch center in Tateyama City is planning to continue providing simple meals for the time being, and in the future, it is considering preparing retort foods and providing meals to the neighboring Minamiboso city. That is.

“It is not a very satisfying meal, but it is very annoying. I want to improve the simple lunch menu so that it does not burden the family,” said the school lunch center manager Shigeki Hamada.