Self-motivated by Mr. Masashi Kishida, Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Republic

Mr. Kishida, President of the Liberal Democratic Party, visiting Singapore, showed his willingness to “post-Abe” and expressed his intention to work on the progress of discussions on constitutional amendments.

On September 21, President Kishida, the president of the survey, completed a series of schedules, including a tour of IR = integrated resort facilities including casinos in Singapore.

After this, Mr. Kishida told reporters, “I would like to accumulate policies and power that will lead the next era of Prime Minister Abe. We will deepen discussions on Japan's major direction after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. "I want to go," and showed his willingness over "Post Abe."

Also, regarding the constitutional amendment, he said, “We must move the discussion in the extraordinary Diet. It is important to evoke public opinion” He expressed his thoughts toward the progress of the discussion.

Furthermore, he pointed out, “As the Liberal Democratic Party, we must make efforts to revise the four items, but it is not the end of the four items. Themes such as the environment are also envisioned for the future.”