Water outage continues in about 5000 households Chiba (as of 7:00 am on 19th) September 19th 12:08

Water outages due to power outages continue in some areas in Chiba Prefecture.

The first is water outage.

According to Chiba Prefecture, as of 7:00 am on the 19th, there are still about 5,000 households supplied by the four water utilities in the prefecture.

▽ In Ichihara City, an in-house power generator for operating a pump that sends water has broken down, and about 220 households have been shut down since the night of 18th.

▽ Also, over 4200 households in the Kazusa Water Supply Wide-Corporation Association, which has jurisdiction over Kimitsu City, Futtsu City, Sodegaura City, and Kisarazu City

▽ 494 households in Minamiboso

▽ There are 58 water outages in Konancho.

▽ In addition to this, water interruption continues in Shibayama Town where there is no water supply. In Shibayama-cho, most households in the town use well water, but they cannot pump up due to a power outage, and about 800 households have been shut down as of the morning of the 19th.

Chiba Prefecture calls for water to be used for drinking for a while, because the water faucet may come out from the tap after the water outage is resolved.