Strengthening of response to inquiries about "power outage does not actually resolve" Tokyo Electric Power Company September 19, 19:19

In response to the power outage that has been prolonged in Chiba Prefecture, many inquiries have been received that TEPCO has resolved the power outage in the area where it has been resolved, and TEPCO is strengthening its response. .

As of 6pm on the 19th, there are still about 28,000 power outages in Chiba Prefecture.

TEPCO announced at the press conference on the 17th that "the number of districts that can be restored by 20th will be more than the previous forecast", but since there are many uncertain points, the target number of houses has not been disclosed did.

According to the officials, the work is proceeding at the expected pace, and we expect to reduce the number of power outages to around 20,000 by the 20th.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the blackout has been resolved on the TEPCO website, there are increasing cases of inquiries from households and local governments saying that they cannot use electricity.

According to TEPCO, whether or not the power failure has been resolved is determined by whether or not the construction of the high-voltage cable has been completed and the power has been transmitted. This means that the power outage will continue and the homepage and the jaw will be created.

For this reason, TEPCO has reviewed the assignment of workers who can handle the construction, strengthening the response to individual households, and aiming for early recovery by increasing the number of patrols.