Consideration of fees for savings account 5:22 on September 20 due to negative interest rate and worsening earnings

There has recently been a move in the financial industry to consider taking a fee to maintain a deposit account. Although the Bank of Japan's negative interest rate policy has led to lower interest rates and worsening profits, it is likely to become a debate in the future as the burden on users increases.

Most domestic financial institutions allow individuals and companies to hold deposit accounts free of charge, but overseas, there are places where fees are charged for issuing passbooks and monitoring fraudulent transactions.

However, recently there has been a movement among financial institutions to consider taking fees from users.

The reason is that if the BOJ further cuts short-term interest rates that have already been negative as an additional monetary easing measure, revenue will worsen.

19 Mr. Makoto Takashima of the National Banking Association, who had a press conference, expressed concern that the Bank of Japan would have a significant impact if it decided to reduce negative interest rates.

In addition, with regard to taking commissions from users of deposit accounts, he stated that “deposit accounts are also used for cashless payments, etc., and the cost of maintenance is increasing,” recognizing that increasing costs is a management issue. Showed.

On the other hand, the Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda, who also held a 19-day press conference, said, “Each financial institution will make a decision based on management judgment,” and did not make any statement.

Since the interest rate is low and interest is almost unacceptable, the fee will be borne by the account user, so it is likely to be discussed with the BOJ's future response.