Kujukuri beach September 18 17:41

In Kujukurihama, Chiba Prefecture, which boasts the highest production volume of dried sardines in the country, due to the effects of this power outage, it was temporarily impossible to use freezers at processing companies and forced to dispose of raw sardines. It is out.

In Chiba Prefecture, the sardine processing industry, such as “boiled and dried” and “salt dried” is prosperous, especially in Kujukuri Beach on the Pacific coast, and “shiboshi” boasts the highest production volume in Japan.

Due to the power outage, the Kujukurihama processing company temporarily became unable to use the freezer and was forced to dispose of raw sardines.

Of these, a fishery processing company in Oamishirasato City, which produces salt-dried products, has been out of power for three days since the 9th of this month. It means that it was discarded.

Sakaki Yasukawa, managing director of a fishery processing company, said, “It is hard to dispose of the sardines that we have seen and purchased, and it is hard to dispose of them. I do n’t have the current situation, so I ’d like to help. ”

According to the Oami Shirasato City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, there are 15 processing companies on the coast of the city, and the total damage is expected to reach 30 million yen.