Chiba Tateyama September 18 21:53

Due to the great damage caused by Typhoon No.15, the third junior high school, which was the only school in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, was closed from the morning of 19th.

The third junior high school in Tateyama City was affected by a typhoon on the 9th of this month, and most of the 28 classrooms in total suffered serious damage such as glass breakage.

Furthermore, in the heavy rain on the 16th, a large amount of water fell from the gap between the waterproof sheets on the roof, which had been torn by the typhoon, and the ceiling was removed, and the tiles were raised due to the accumulation of water on the floor.

For this reason, school closures continued only in elementary and junior high schools in the city, but as a result of all the staff members going to work and putting blue sheets on the rooftop and blocking holes opened in the ceiling with cloth, ensuring the safety of students I decided to resume the school from the morning of the 19th. The class will not be held on the 19th. In addition to giving safety precautions at all school meetings, students will clean the school building with their own hands.

Hirokazu Iida, head of the third junior high school (59) said, “The school building was in a terrible situation due to the typhoon and heavy rain, and it was full of regrets. I can finally meet. I want to keep my safety and give enough mental care to the affected students. "