Communication disruption also affects emergency transport 8 firefighting headquarters in Chiba Prefecture September 17 18:39

After 9th of this month when a large-scale power outage due to Typhoon No. 15 occurred, at least 8 firefighting headquarters in Chiba Prefecture have been unable to contact some hospitals by telephone during emergency transport. It was. In some cases, it took longer to transport than usual.

In Chiba Prefecture, a power outage occurred in up to 640,000 homes from early morning on the 9th when Typhoon No. 15 approached, making it impossible or impossible to use landline phones and mobile phones in various places.

When NHK interviewed fire departments in various locations, at this time, at least eight fire headquarters in Futtsu City, Togane City, etc., when the telephone of the hospital where the patient was accepted could not be reached, or when the ambulance team looked for the delivery destination I found that the mobile phone used for the phone was difficult to communicate.

Among them, the Futtsu Fire Department headquarters was unable to reach the hospital that was the candidate for the destination, and it took more time than usual to find the destination.

We are currently investigating how much it was delayed, but there was no effect of patient deterioration due to delays in transportation.

In Futtsu city fire fighting

The Futtsu Fire Department, which has jurisdiction over the city of Futtsu in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture, is said to have started reporting typhoon disasters from around 2:30 am on the 9th.

Regarding the situation at the time, firefighting chief Iwasaki, Futtsu City firefighting headquarters said, “The first situation was that it was difficult to reach the site because of fallen trees.”

The firefighting headquarters went out of power at around 3:00 am during a series of reports, and continued to work with private generators, but new problems also occurred.

After the ambulance team puts the patient, the telephone cannot be connected to the hospital that is a candidate for acceptance, or the mobile phone used by the ambulance team to contact the hospital goes out of service area, so it is not possible to smoothly adjust the transport. It ’s a situation.

The Iwasaki fire chief recalled that the situation at that time was “the fact that there was no contact with the hospital, and that it was difficult to contain, so it was true that the dispatch time per emergency was increased.” It was.

After that, the fire department headquarters transported them to a hospital outside the city where they continue their medical care, and searched for a place where mobile phones could be easily connected, and contacted the hospital.

“There was a case where the mobile phone was not connected in the area near the Awa area in the south, but I went to the coast and picked up the radio waves from Kanagawa Prefecture on the opposite bank. I was in a situation where I had contacted. "