Impact of power outage Serious agricultural damage to vegetables and flowers Chiba Yamatake September 14 17:50

In Sammu City, northeastern Chiba prefecture, where agriculture such as flower and vegetable cultivation is thriving, in addition to the collapse of the agricultural house due to strong winds of typhoon, there is also a damage caused by crops dying due to failure to supply water due to power failure The influence is spreading.

Of these, in the 60 are field of Sanmu-shi farmer Teruo Funaki, the framework of the farmhouse's steel frame was broken or bent, and all 28 houses were broken.

Because the tomato just before harvest was damaged and could not be shipped, and about 5 million yen had already been damaged, the house for growing leafy vegetables such as mizuna was crushed after autumn, so the cultivation of new crops There is no prospect.

Funaki-san said, “I've grown tomatoes for 30 years, but it's the first time so much damage has been done and it's hard to deliver vegetables to contractors.”

In addition, Masao Takano, who grows flowers in 14 farmhouses, has been unable to move due to a power outage, which automatically supplies water using an electric pump, causing more than 20,000 cosmos to wither, It has already been discarded.

In addition, the house that had grown 25,000 viola scheduled to be shipped next month has a symptom that the house itself is broken or the sheet is torn and looks wild, and the leaves that appear to be salt damage turn yellow. about it.

Mr. Takano says, “It has been extremely serious damage. I want you to show only the policy how the country will support you.”

According to Chiba Prefecture, as of 12th, damages exceeding 18 billion yen were confirmed in agricultural facilities and crops in the prefecture.