Constitutional Amendment Appeals for the Liberal Deputy Secretary for Inada Secretary General Inada September 20, 20:58

In order to gain an understanding of the constitutional amendment that the Liberal Democratic Party is aiming for, Secretary-General Inada has begun a "national pilgrimage" that goes around each prefecture from the 14th.

Mr. Inada, who was newly appointed as a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, decided to go around the country to gain an understanding of the party's constitutional amendment. On the first day, he gave a lecture in Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture.

“In a board meeting held for the first time after personnel,” Prime Minister Inada strongly stated that Prime Minister Abe will work together to realize the revision of the Constitution, the LDP's long-awaited term, for another two-year term. explained.

“The reason why the constitutional amendment is necessary is not yet understood by the public. As the secretary-general, I would like to go around the country all the time to appeal why it is necessary.”

He also asked for an understanding of the constitutional amendments that the party is aiming for, such as specifying the SDF, saying that the Self-Defense Forces are working hard in the event of a disaster, but that the Self-Defense Forces are in violation of the Constitution.

The Liberal Democratic Party wants to renew the system of the headquarters of the promotion headquarters for the constitutional amendment, and wants to proceed with the discussion at the extraordinary Diet that is expected to be convened next month.