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Support for Amazon “Wish List” including Chiba City | NHK News


Chiba City and Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture, which are seriously affected by typhoon No. 15 and continuing to be out of power, are a major online shopping giant Amazon.

Chiba City, etc. Support on Amazon “Wish List” September 13, 19:01

Chiba City and Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture, which are seriously affected by the typhoon No. 15 and continued to be out of power, will provide support supplies using a function called “Wish List” of the online shopping giant Amazon. Calling and calling a topic on the net.

The online shopping giant Amazon's "Wish List" is a function that registers and publishes what you want, and it is also used to expect presents from other users.

Since Chiba City lacked blue sheets to cover the roofs of damaged houses, the blue sheet was registered and released in the "Wish List" from the evening of the 12th.

The city aimed to receive a donation of 100 sheets, but by the morning of the 13th, there were over 900 applications, which is about 9 times larger, and the city has temporarily suspended acceptance.

The person in charge at the Chiba City Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters says, “I am surprised and thankful because there was a response beyond my imagination. I want you to continue to be aware of the situation of Chiba City and the information that the city sends.”

Also in Sakura City, we started recruiting donations for Blue Sheets from the evening of the 12th, and the city officials said that they wanted to solicit support from all over the country because there were nearly 100 applications so far. It is.

These calls for new support supplies from local governments are also gaining attention on the Internet.

Source: nhk

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