A man died in a multi-purpose building. A man himself headed and arrested.

On the 12th, he shed blood from his face in a Kawasaki city residence building, and then the dead man was confirmed as a 36-year-old civil engineer, and the police said his 47-year-old man who he knew himself stepped on his head. And arrested for killing.

Before noon on the 12th, at the landing of the staircase of a multi-purpose building in Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, a man was found to shed blood from his face and was taken to the hospital but died.

According to the investigations so far, the man was confirmed to be a civil engineer living nearby, Mr. Muneyoshi Muneyoshi (36).

As a result of investigating that there was a suspicion that the police were involved in the case, on the evening of the 12th, a man I knew was involved in the case and came to the police station, so he pushed Mr. Yoshi and stepped on his head etc. Arrested on suspicion of murder for killing.

Arrested by a restaurant employee in Tokyo's Koto Ward, suspected by Takataka Otsuka (47), and asked, “I thought I was drinking alcohol together and my cell phone was stolen, and it became an argument” It is said that. The police are investigating the details.