Minister of Economic Revitalization Nishimura All-generation Social Security

At the press conference after the cabinet meeting, Mr. Nishimura said, “All-generation social security is an important agenda, and we want to promote discussions between the government and the ruling party.” He expressed the idea of ​​proceeding with discussions, taking into account the opinions of the ruling party.

As social security costs continue to increase due to the rapid declining birthrate and aging population, the government has set up a “All-Generation Social Security Review Conference” and will hold a first meeting next week to begin discussions.

A minister in charge of economic revitalization in charge of the meeting said in a press conference after the cabinet meeting, “All-generation social security is a very important issue, so we want to work closely together in the government ruling party and proceed with the discussion. However, I would like to draw up diverse opinions, advance discussions, and create a social security system where the people can feel secure, ”he said. It was.

The “All-Generation Social Security Review Conference” focuses on a wide range of fields, such as pension, medical care, nursing care, elderly employment, and work style reform, with an eye on FY2022, three years after the baby boomer begins to turn 75 As a result, the focus will be on how to proceed with discussions on drastic reforms with increased burden.