20 years after the Kawasaki Shinkin robbery murder case Police sued for information provision September 13 16:28

In 1999, the case in which a vice branch manager was shot and killed by a man with a shotgun at a credit union in Kawasaki City remained unresolved, and in 20 years, the police seemed to be involved in the case. We handed out written leaflets and called for information.

On September 16, 1999, at the Kawasaki Shinkin Bank Endocho Branch in Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki City, a 53-year-old vice-branch man was shot and killed by a shotgun.

The police have been investigating the murder of robbery, but it has been unsolved and will soon be 20 years, so the police handed out leaflets at the local credit union on 13th and called for information.

The flyer includes an image of a man reflected in a security camera at the entrance of the branch, and features that it was 40 to 60 years old at that time and the height was around 60 cm per meter.

According to previous research, the man escaped with a stolen car that had been stopped nearby, and the car was abandoned in Yokohama, but no shotgun was found.

In the past two years, no new information has been received, so the Deputy Director Tsutomu Aikawa of the police department said, “If the incident weathers, it will become even more difficult to understand the truth. I wanted. "

Information is accepted at the police station.
The phone number is 044-548-0110.