4 public daycare centers closed due to power outage or water outage Chiba Kimitsu September 12 18:46

In Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture, it is no longer possible to keep children at four of the 11 public daycare centers in the city due to the effects of power outages and water outages, and the city can leave them at another daycare center that can accept them. The adjustment started.

On the 12th, when we asked the parents by email from the city hall, the city hall, which is the contact point, said that there were a series of applications, so the staff listened to the nursery school and time zone that they wanted to leave It was chased by.

On the other hand, daycare centers in areas with few users are taking temporary measures to keep children from other daycare centers on the 11th.

The guardian who used it said, “It is hard to clean up at home because of power outages and water outages. Children are stressed, so I am thankful that I can be entrusted to them.”

In the future, Kimitsu City is creating temporary spaces in city halls and public halls, etc., and is considering taking care of children by keeping nursery staff resident.