Mobile phone companies installed free-use chargers Wi-Fi also opened September 11 14:14

Three major mobile phones have installed mobile phone chargers that can be used free of charge, mainly in Chiba Prefecture, where there is a power outage, and have opened Wi-Fi.

Free charger installation

Free chargers are installed in stores and public facilities of each company. Regardless of the contracted company, anyone can use it during business hours of the store or during the opening hours of the facility. Public facilities where each company installs chargers are as follows.

▼ NTT Docomo Chiba Prefecture ▽ Yachimata City General Health and Welfare Center 匝 瑳 Sakai City Hall ▽ Kimitsu City Koito Public Hall ▽ Kyonan Town Hall ▽ Sanmu City Hall ▽ Ichihara City Hall ▽ Ichihara City Hall ▽ Yokoshiba Mitsumachi Town Hall ▽ Omigawa Civic Center.

▼ KDDI of au
It is provided at city halls, government offices, and shelters in Chiba Prefecture, and the specific location will be announced on Hopage.

▼ Softbank Chiba ▽ Kisarazu City Hall, ▽ Futtsu City Hall, ▽ Kamogawa City Hall, ▽ Tominura Children's Garden in Minamiboso City, ▽ Hiyoshidai Branch Office in Kaori City Hall, ▽ Tateyama Central Public Hall in Tateyama City, ▽ Yachimata The city hall, ▽ Kimitsu City Kazusa Regional Exchange Center, ▽ Kimitsu City AEON Town Kimitsu.

Wi-Fi open

NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, and Softbank are releasing wireless communication = Wi-Fi free of charge at stations and commercial facilities in Chiba Prefecture.

If you bring your smartphone or PC to the location where Wi-Fi is installed and set the network name to “00000 JAPAN”, you can use the Internet for free regardless of the contracted mobile company.

You can use it by selecting 5 "0" from the network connection screen and J, A, P, A, N in Roman characters, and there is no need for user registration or password entry.

Free pay phone

NTT East Japan has made it possible to use approximately 7000 public telephones for free throughout Chiba Prefecture in response to the difficulty of connecting mobile phones.