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Citizen's life due to power outage and water outage in Chiba | NHK News


Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture has been suffering from power outages and water outages since 9th, and those who continue to live at home rely on lights such as flashlights to spend the night…

Citizen's life is 9:24 on September 11 due to power failure and water outage


Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture has been suffering from power outages and water outages since 9th, and people who continued living at home spent the night relying on lights such as flashlights.

Continued from power outages and water outages

Of these, in the Kitakoyasu area of ​​Kimitsu City, after the sunset on the 10th, no houses or stores with electricity were seen and it was completely dark.

A woman in her fifties who lived in an apartment house spent the night relying on the light of a flashlight when electricity was not available. When illuminating the entire room, the flashlight was directed toward the ceiling, and when moving, it was carried around to illuminate the feet.

In addition, the water, bath, and toilet are still in an unusable condition due to the water outage, and it is better to wipe the body with a towel.

The woman said, "Without a flashlight, it's dark and you can't see anything. Today is windless and very hot, so it's hard not to take a bath when you want to sweat."

In the parking lot of this housing complex, there were people who cool down with a cooler in the car or charged smartphones.

People staying in the car

Many people stayed in evacuation shelters and overnight in the car in Chiba Prefecture, where power outages continued in a wide area.

Among them, Kimitsu City designated one of the evacuation shelters with lighting and coolers restored by the power company's power supply car as a “special refuge” on the evening of the 10th. Accepted with priority.

At the evacuation center, there was a problem that the fuel needed to generate power from the power car disappeared, and there was a problem with a power outage.

In another public hall that became an evacuation center, the evacuated people drank the water provided and cooled in front of the fans.

A man in his 70s said, “I'm worried that I'm home alone because my heart is bad, so I came to a place where people gathered. I was hot and tired of my body. It was.

In addition, there were people who stayed in the car to spend a cooler environment in the evacuation shelter parking lot. A 55-year-old woman decided to sleep in a car because of her elderly mother and pets. “Tonight it ’s hot and I can't stand staying at home. There are people around me and I can rest assured. "

On the other hand, an 18-year-old woman who was spending time in a car parked near an evacuation center said, “The inside of the car is not very comfortable and I am wondering whether to stay in the car as it is.”

Small 2 boy "The roof has been blown"

In Ichihara City, shelters are set up in the city. Among them, 79 people were evacuated at 8pm on the 10th at 8pm and cooled in an air-conditioned room, or a sleeping bed was made with a distributed blanket.

The boy in the second grade of elementary school said, “I was sad because I loved the house because the roof of the house flew yesterday because of the typhoon.

A 27-year-old woman who had just returned home from studying abroad said, “I thought I could go home for the first time in a long time and relax, but I am sad to spend at the shelter. I want to go home soon.” It was.

Source: nhk

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