Blue sheet distribution at the town hall Chiba Kyonancho September 11 18:05

In Chonan-cho, in the south of Chiba Prefecture, residents who were damaged by strong winds from a typhoon and flying roof tiles visited the town hall to receive blue sheets.

In Konan-cho, tiles were blown off in many houses due to strong winds caused by typhoons, and some buildings were collapsed.

At the town hall, one blue sheet was distributed to each household from the 10th, and many people came to pick up sandbags, water, and emergency food from the morning on the 11th. .

A 67-year-old woman who had a hole in the wall of the home and also damaged the roof and window glass said, “The inside of the room has become messed up, and I am worried about the weather, so I asked the construction shop for the time being. I came to pick up the blue sheet to take appropriate measures.I have not been in the habit of closing the shutters until now, ”he said.

Chiyoko Ikukai (71), who lives in the town, received a blue sheet at the government office for the elderly in the neighborhood.

When the typhoon approached, Mr. Ikuai's home was that the roof tiles and shutters were blown away by the strong wind, and the rain entered the house, so it was closed overnight with tatami mats and so on.

I still have a power outage at home, so I can't use the fridge, eat tofu and fruits bought by my friends in Tokyo, or boil hot water in a stove and wash my body.

“I'm tired mentally and I don't have a lot of appetite. It ’s hard at night when this happens. Some people ca n’t wear blue sheets on the roof, so you can come to young people. I think it would be helpful if anything. "