Typhoon Influence Kanto Region Lifeline Information September 11 0:06

We will tell you about lifeline information in detail, mainly in Chiba Prefecture, where the damage caused by Typhoon No. 15 is serious. (As of 11:05 pm)

Aiming for recovery within 11 days

Due to Typhoon No. 15, power outages continue in over 540,000 units, mainly in Chiba Prefecture. TEPCO is in a hurry to restore, and the outage is expected to be reduced to approximately 120,000 in 10 days.

The remaining 120,000 units are also expected to recover within 11 days. In Ibaraki, Kanagawa, and Shizuoka prefectures, restoration work is expected to be completed within 10 days, but in Chiba prefecture, where about 519,400 houses are out of power, restoration work is not expected to be completed within 10 days.

According to TEPCO, areas that are expected to recover within 10 days in Chiba Prefecture are Katori City, Tateyama City, Sakura City, Tomisato City, and other areas. The areas that are expected to be restored after 11th are Chiba City, Ichihara City, Kamogawa City, and Yachimata City.

In Tokyo, Izu Oshima, Toshima, Niijima, and Shikinejima are expected to be restored within 10 days, and Kozushima and Miyakejima are expected to be restored within 11 days.

Water supply place

Water supply information. It is necessary to bring containers in many places.
[Asahi City]
In Asahi City, the Asahi City Hall Water Supply Building is a 24-hour water supply location, including the 11th.

[Inzai City]
Inzai City's 11th water supply location is the Inba Branch. Hiraga Structure Improvement Center. At Motosu Public Hall, it is 7am. Of these, Motosu Community Center is only for domestic use.

[Shibayama Town]
The water supply station on the 11th of Shibayama Town is the Shibayama Town Hall South Government Building. It means that water can be supplied from 7am.

[Katori City]
Katori City is the Katori City Hall. Katori Jingu parking lot. Kosei Elementary School. It is scheduled to carry out water supply for 11 days at the Kurigen Fire Training Center, and the time is from 7 am to 9 pm.

[Shushi City]
Water supply place in Choshi City is Honjo Water Purification Plant Sakuraimachi Park. Open until 24 hours.

[Yachimata City]
In Yachimata City, the water supply section and the 14-minute bunker are available 24 hours a day.

Toshocho Water Stations are Toshocho Town Hall, Toshocho Public Hall, Toshocho Health and Welfare Center, Toshocho Fureai Park, Higashisho Fureai Center. It can be used 24 hours a day and water can be supplied at the same place on the 11th.

[Mitsumachi Yokoshiba]
Yokoshiba Mitsumachi's water supply location on the 11th is scheduled to start at 7 am in the Yokoshiba Mitsumachi government office parking lot.

[Oami Shirasato City]
On the 11th of Oamishirasato city, drinking water is available from 8am at the City Hall Health Culture Center and Rural Environment Improvement Center. Water for daily life is scheduled to be implemented at Kiminomori Elementary School, Oami Junior High School, Mizuho Elementary School, Mizuho Kindergarten, Masuho Elementary School, Oami Shirasato Arena, Shirasato Elementary School, Shirasato Kindergarten, but the time is undecided. The water supply is scheduled to end as soon as the water supply stops.

[Kujukuri Town]
Kujukuri Town's 11th water supply location is Kujukuri Town Health Center. We also distribute 500ml of drinking water. The time is from 8am to 8pm.

[Ichihara City]
Water supply information for Ichihara City. Drinking water in plastic bottles is scheduled to be distributed at Ichihara City Hall No. 1 Government Building from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on the 11th. From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on the 11th, water for daily use is available from Aobadai Elementary School, Yahata Public Hall, Ichihara Elementary School, Wakamiya Elementary School, Gosho Elementary School, Yahata Junior High School, Goi Public Hall, Kokubunji Public Hall, Shirokane Elementary School, Keiyo Elementary School, Chikusa Elementary School, Tokai Elementary School, Sanwa Community Center, Yoro Elementary School, Maritime Elementary School, Ichizu Public Hall, Sakai Public Hall, Yantai East Elementary School, Yantai West Elementary School, Minamisō Public Hall, Ushiku Elementary School, Kamo Public Hall, Ariaki Public Hall, Arichu Junior High School, Makion Elementary School To do. In any case, it will end as soon as the water supply is restored.

[Tomisato City]
Tomisato City's water supply location on the 11th is Tomisato City Hall, Koyo Kindergarten, Tomisato Minami Elementary School, and the former Senshin Elementary School from 6 am to 8 pm. Hiyoshidai Elementary School is from 9am to 8pm.

[Kimitsu City]
Kimitsu City's water supply location on the 11th is Shunan Public Hall, Koito Public Hall, Seiwa Public Hall, Kameyama Community Center, Road Station Fureai Park Kimitsu Parking Lot, and the Kazusa Regional Exchange Center, which runs from 9 am to 9 pm .

【Narita City】
Narita City's water supply location on the 11th is drinking water from Narita Kankokan, Narita City Hall, 1st floor citizen lobby, labor hall, wholesale market, Sakatagaike Park, Central Public Hall, Hashigadai Public Hall, Tamatsukuri Public Hall, Yayoi Public Hall, Karabu Public Hall, Toyama Public Hall, Shimosa Public Hall, Shimosa Branch, Shimosa Midori Gakuen, Shimosa Community Welfare Center, Akasaka Fureai Center, Nozomi-no-en, Kozunomori Community Center, Kozu Public Hall, International Cultural Hall, Cultural Arts Center, Child Development Support Center, Namerikawa The implementation of exercise facilities and domestic water is not yet determined.

The water supply place on the 11th of Takomachi is the Tokiwa Elementary School in front of the Takomachi government office building.


[Midori Ward, Chiba City]
In Midori Ward, Chiba City, the Midori Ward Office, Honda Public Hall, Shiina Public Hall, Toki Public Hall, and Oyumino Public Hall are evacuation centers.