Takeo Saga Onsen Business as usual "I want many people to come" August 31, 11:08

In Takeo City, Saga Prefecture, which was hit by a record heavy rain, houses were flooded in a wide area, but there was no noticeable damage to the hot spring town of the local sightseeing spot. I want you to do it. "

According to the Takeo City Tourism Association, Takeo Onsen, which is said to have a history of 1300 years, is located at a relatively high altitude, and there was no major damage from this heavy rain.

The 14 facilities belonging to the associations created by hot spring inns have been operating as usual since the 29th, but some of them have more cancellations than usual.

There is “Romon”, which is designated as an important cultural property of the country, and in a day-trip bathing facility at Takeo Onsen, where 340,000 people visit every year, water was temporarily submerged by the reverse flow of water from the drainage ditch to the hot spring tub and washing place. The business has been operating as usual since the 29th, and some people enjoyed the hot springs slowly on the 30th.

A man in his fifties who came from Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, said, “I often use it when I visit Takeo.

Mr. Hideo Kishikawa, General Manager, General Manager of Takeo Onsen, a one-day hot spring facility, "I heard the voice of the customer that I was glad that I was open and that I was helped. "