Service for disaster prepared by “usual use” expands on August 31 at 7:14


The company has been attracting attention as a way to enhance disaster preparedness by expanding the services of companies that want to use emergency foods and tools that are useful for disaster prevention, while making them useful for disaster prevention.

Among them, Nissin Foods will start a service on September 2 to deliver 3 cups of instant noodles to their homes every 3 months as an emergency meal in the event of a disaster.

Normally, the shelf life of cup noodles is half a year, but by periodically delivering it, you can prevent you from forgetting to change the stockpile, and when new cup noodles arrive, you want to eat the cup noodles as usual.

Tsutomu Shirasawa, the brand manager of the Nissin Food Marketing Department, said, “I want the opportunity to raise awareness of disaster prevention by regularly delivering food that can be stored.”

On the other hand, “ASKUL”, a major office supplies mail-order company, has been selling products that have been developed so that they can use their everyday tools as they are.

Of these, paper cups with memory are assumed to be used as measuring cups in the event of a disaster.

Also, a ballpoint pen that pushes ink strongly with compressed air means that you can write letters even if the paper is wet at the disaster site.

Mr. Toshihito Nishihara, General Manager of ASKUL Medical & Care Business Headquarters, says, “I want to use it regularly to enhance disaster preparedness without being aware of disaster prevention.”