Offshore Shizuoka US Aegis collision accident Lookout problem Transport Safety Commission Aug. 29 10:04

Otto, in the accident that seven people died after a collision between a US Navy Aegis ship and a private container ship off Shizuoka Prefecture, the Aegis crew did not use radar properly. A report was written that the accident was caused by the fact that the ship was distracted and could not watch the container ship properly.

Ototoshi In June, seven Aegis crew members were killed in a collision between the Aegis ship of the US Navy and a container ship operated by a NYK group company in the Philippines, off the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture.

According to the report of the Transportation Safety Commission that investigated the cause of the accident, the crew on duty on the Aegis ship did not use the radar properly and could not grasp the exact location of the container ship. He pointed out that it was thought that he was not able to watch properly because he was distracted by another ship passing by earlier.

On the other hand, the navigators of the container ship concluded that the Aegis ship would have avoided collision because of the positional relationship between the two ships, and that it was thought that the ship was sailing as it was, and that the warning signal from the whistle was not issued.

The Transport Safety Committee has set out measures to prevent recurrence, such as crews adjusting nautical instruments, including radar, to keep an appropriate lookout at all times, and to take actions to avoid collisions even in ships where there is no duty to avoid I need it.