There are many abductions in the films that appear in the cinema this week. In Jim Button and the City of the Dragons , princess Li Si is kidnapped, and in Night Hunter and Tigers Are Not Afraid an abduction sets the story in motion. An overview of the six films that will appear in the cinema this week.

Jim Button and the City of the Dragons - family film

Jim Button is an adventurous boy who one day realizes that he is not from the small island of Lummerland at all. He goes into the wide world in search of his origin. He soon meets the steam locomotive driver Lucas and Emma. They become friends and embark on a search for the beautiful, kidnapped princess Li Si. She was imprisoned in the dangerous Dragon City. The rescue mission leads them along all sorts of adventures and dangers.

  • Genre: family film
  • Director: Dennis Gansel
  • Votes: Panthero Toney, Marc Boon, Lucas Dietens, Hein van Beem, Frederique Despinosa
  • Kijkwijzer: 6+
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View the Jim Button trailer and the City of the Dragons here

Night Hunter - thriller

Cooper is a former judge who thinks rapists in court are getting away too easily. He takes matters into his own hands to punish sex offenders. He receives help from Lara. When she is abducted, Cooper must work with the traumatized police officer Marshall to get her back. But arresting the perpetrator only creates an even greater mystery: the man seems to know something about the women who have been abused in the city for years.

  • Genre: thriller
  • Director: David Raymond
  • Cast: Henry Cavill, Eliana Jones, Ben Kingsley, Alexandra Daddario
  • Kijkwijzer: 12+
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View the Night Hunter trailer here

A Rainy Day in New York - comedy

Young lovers Ashleigh and Gatsby are looking forward to a special weekend in New York, away from the university where they are both studying. Ashleigh is going to interview a famous filmmaker for the university newspaper here. The change quickly turns into a complicated mess when the filmmaker and protagonist of the film make sexual advances and Gatsby accidentally meets the attractive younger sister of his ex.

  • Genre: comedy
  • Director: Woody Allen
  • Cast: Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez, Jude Law, Diego Luna
  • Kijkwijzer: all ages
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View the trailer for A Rainy Day in New York here

The Violin Player - drama

The career of the renowned violinist Karin suddenly goes up in smoke when she has a car accident and can never play the violin again. At the music school Karin starts teaching young talents. There she gets to know Antti, who is twenty years younger, in whom she recognizes her passion and drive. The two fall in love and the two start a passionate affair that can lead to a lot of vision loss. Meanwhile, Antti's urge to reach the top requires more and more sacrifices.

  • Genre: drama
  • Director: Paavo Westerberg
  • Cast: Kim Bodnia, Matleene Kuusniemie, Olavi Uusivirta, Misa Lommi
  • Kijkwijzer: 12+
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View the trailer of The Violin Player here

Tigers Are Not Afraid - drama

10-year-old Estrella lives in a Mexican neighborhood that is plagued by violent drug gangs. She waits for days at home for her mother, who just won't come back. Hunger and loneliness drive Estrailla to a gang of street clerks, with whom she becomes friends. The youngest of the group is kidnapped by a drug gang and Estrella is instructed to get him back.

  • Genre: drama, thriller
  • Director: Issa López
  • Cast: Juan Ramón López, Paola Lara, Hanssel Cansillas
  • Kijkwijzer: 12+
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View the Tigers Are Not Afraid trailer here

Jinpa - drama

The shaggy truck driver Jinpa drives his truck across the desolate Tibetan plateau when a sheep suddenly appears in front of his car. The animal is dead in one fell swoop. Aggravated by guilt, Jinpa takes along a silent old hitchhiker in traditional clothing. The hitchhiker, also called Jinpa, tells him that he is on his way to his father's murderer to take revenge.

  • Genre: drama
  • Director: Perna Tseden
  • Cast: Jinpa, Genden Phuntsok, Sonam Wangmo
  • Kijkwijzer: 16+
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View the Jinpa trailer here

The films mentioned in the overview will be shown in Dutch cinemas from 28 or 29 August. View here the overview of films released last week.

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