Kyo-ani arson case forty-eight days before the victim's law August 28 19:09

Just before the Kyoto Animation Studios were set to fire, next week, forty-nine days, a law was held at a temple in Kyoto to commemorate those who died in the incident.

Jyohanain, located in Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, has a memorial tower dedicated to the victims of the Great Fire of Tenmei that occurred in Kyoto during the Edo period.

Just before the 4th month of next month, when the Kyoto Animation studio was arsoned, the temple was run to honor those who died in the incident.

In the main hall where the priests are celebrated, 11 monks sang their musical instruments and sang the Japanese paper called “Shuka”.

After this, the monks were praying for happiness in front of the altar, with their hands on the wooden billboard called 35 water towers, together with 35 people who died in the incident.

The general public also participated in the legal work, and held palms and incense.

Jihyo Huain operates a law every seven days after the incident, and the monk, Michimi Matsuda, said, “I thought I could do something. Yesterday, the names of all victims were announced. That reminds me that each person has their own personality, and from this time we have prepared 35 water towers. "