South Korea President's alleged suspicion strengthens criticism of opposition parties August 28, 7:01

In South Korea, the opposition parties are increasingly criticizing the allegations that the aides that President Moon Jae-in announced to appoint him as the Minister of Justice have illegally enrolled his daughter. A hearing is scheduled for next week, and it is pointed out that the Mun administration may be in a difficult position in the future.

Cho Guk-kook, the president of Korea's President Moon Jae-in, announced that he will be appointed as the Minister of Justice, and there is a suspicion that his daughter was illegally enrolled at a prestigious university. I embarked on a forced investigation.

In this situation, Na Kyungwon ’s representative from the largest opposition party and the Liberal Republic of Korea criticized, “Cho should immediately decline and President Moon should withdraw his nomination immediately.

On the 2nd and 3rd of next week, a hearing will be held over Cho's nomination, and the opposition party is ready to strengthen.

Korean media have reported a lot of Cho ’s allegations of cheating every day, and the opposition's supporters and students are protesting.

Mun ’s government is in a difficult position depending on the future response, because President Mun has been in the position of president by rigorously pursuing allegations of illegal admission of the daughter of an acquaintance of former president Park Kun-e. The possibility of becoming.