Heavy rain Traffic impact summary (as of 7:00 am) August 28, 7:19

Heavy rain has also affected traffic.


According to JR Kyushu,
▽ Kagoshima Main Line is between Kurume and Ginsui in Fukuoka ▽ Chikuhi Line is between Chikuzen Maebara in Fukuoka Prefecture and Karatsu in Saga Prefecture, Yamamoto and Imari in Saga Prefecture ▽ Both Karatsu Lines are Kubota and Nishi Karatsu in Saga Prefecture I have forgotten driving from the first train.

▽ The Nagasaki Main Line is between Tosu in Saga Prefecture and Yue in Nagasaki Prefecture.
▽ The Sasebo Line is located between Hizen Yamaguchi in Saga Prefecture and Sasebo in Nagasaki Prefecture.
▽ Omura Line is between Saiki and Isahaya in Nagasaki Prefecture.
▽ The Kudai Main Line is between Kurume and Hita in Oita Prefecture.
▽ The Chikuho Main Line has been suspended from the first train between Katsura River and Harada in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Also, according to Nishitetsu, due to heavy rain,
▽ The Tenjin Omuta Line is the top and bottom line between Nishitetsu Ogori and Omuta.


▽ Between Chikushino Interchange on the Kyushu Expressway and Yame Interchange ▽ Between Tosu Junction on the Nagasaki Expressway and Higashi-Sogi Interchange ▽ Between Sasebo Chuo Interchange on the Nishikyushu Expressway and Takeo Junction ▽ From Tosu Junction on the Oita Expressway to Hita Interchange Everything between is closed on the upper and lower lines.

As a result, Nishitetsu Express Bus has been suspended on some flights.