Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway charges during the Olympics and Para period To add 1,000 yen to my car August 26, 15:01

The Organizing Committee of the tournament that examines measures for traffic congestion associated with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year and the technical study group of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, etc. The policy was to add a toll of 1000 yen from 6 am to 10 pm.

The Organizing Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the government are studying measures to deal with traffic congestion that is a concern at the Tokyo Games at a technical review meeting with transportation and logistics specialists.

At the 26th meeting held in Tokyo, the government presented a proposal for measures to control traffic on the Metropolitan Expressway.

According to it, for the section of the Metropolitan Expressway in the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway during the tournament period, the toll will be increased by 1000 yen from 6 am to 10 pm, mainly for private cars. Public transportation, logistics vehicles, welfare vehicles, etc. are excluded from this addition.

On the other hand, during the period from midnight to 4am, the toll for all vehicles equipped with ETC on the entire Metropolitan Expressway line will be halved to distribute daytime traffic.

The Organizing Committee and others conducted a large-scale traffic regulation demonstration experiment last month, such as closing the entrance on the Metropolitan Expressway, but the traffic volume was only about 7% lower than the previous year.

At the meeting on the 26th, the proposal from the government will be finalized, and will be officially decided through coordination with the Metropolitan Expressway and related local governments.