Disposal of the police officer who stole the cash of the lost item The hiding boss also August 23 19:30

A police officer who was arrested and prosecuted for stealing cash from a lost property stored at the Fuchu Police Station in Tokyo was subject to disciplinary dismissal. The boss was also disposed of as instructing concealment.

It was the 49-year-old chief of the Fuchu Police Department Accounting Division that received the disciplinary dismissal. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, because there was a large amount of debt due to the loss of horse racing, in about one year until May, the cash stored in the station as lost items, including over 2 million yen, was stolen. It means that.

The chief was already arrested and prosecuted and was subject to disciplinary dismissal on the 23rd. In addition, the accounting manager at that time, who was the boss, told him that he had heard about the theft from the chief manager in January, but did not report it to the executives, but ordered the cover-up to fill the cash.

On March 23, the Metropolitan Police Department sent a document to the section manager on the suspicion of concealing the criminal and made a 3 month disciplinary action. The manager has resigned.

In response to the survey, he explained that he was trying to proceed with his work without delay. The Metropolitan Police Department commented, “It was a verbal act and it was disposed of rigorously.