Secretly doing, keeping obsessions and secrets: these are the overarching themes of the films that appear in the cinema this week. In An Affair , a gym teacher starts a relationship with her student, in Working Woman a woman conceals the sexual misconduct of her boss and in Temblores the main character is secretly in love with a man.

Good Boys - comedy

In Good Boys everything goes wrong that can go wrong. Twelve-year-old Max is invited to his first party, but panics because he doesn't know how to kiss. He drums up his friends Thor and Lucas to spy on a kissing couple with his father's drone. When the drone breaks, the boys are in the penarie. A day full of wrong decisions follows when the boys come into contact with stolen drugs, a paintball fight, the police and a couple of frightening teenage girls.

  • Genre: comedy
  • Director: Gene Stupnitsky
  • Cast: Jacob Tremblay, Molly Gordon, Will Forte, Brady Noon
  • Kijkwijzer: 12+
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Angry Birds 2 - animation

The moody birds of Vogeleiland and the mean green piglets of Pig Island are fighting each other out of the tent in a long-running feud. But when a new hazard threatens both groups, the birds and piglets must work together reluctantly to save their habitats. They unite against the threat from the ice-cold Eagle Island.

  • Genre: animation, adventure, comedy
  • Director: Thurop Van Orman
  • Voices: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Peter Dinklage
  • Kijkwijzer: 6+
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Angel Has Fallen - promotion

Gerald Butler plays the secret agent Mike Banning. He is accused of a failed assassination attempt on the President of the United States. Suddenly his own colleagues see him as a threat. Banning must avoid the FBI and unmask the real perpetrator.

  • Genre: action
  • Director: Ric Roman Waugh
  • Cast: Gerald Butler, Morgan Freeman, Nick Nolte, Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Kijkwijzer: 16+
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An Affair - drama

42-year-old Anita lives in a small Norwegian town and her relationship has been extinguished. When she starts a new job as a high school gym teacher, she soon feels attracted to her eighteen year old student Marcus. The two start a passionate affair. After a few fiery encounters, Marcus loses his interest and gets into a relationship with a classmate. The panic strikes with Anita, who gets deeper and deeper into her obsession with Marcus.

  • Genre: drama, eroticism
  • Director: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken
  • Cast: Tarjei Sandvik Moe, Andrea Bræin Hovig, Anneke von der Lippe
  • Kijkwijzer: 12+
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Working Woman - drama

Orna and her husband are struggling financially: Orna's husband has just opened a new restaurant, but it is not going well. So when Orna can get a new job with a project developer, she takes this opportunity with both hands. She soon notes that her boss Benny makes a lot of sexual advances, which she always manages to parry. During a business trip in Paris, he even suddenly appears in her hotel room. Orna needs the job, but is also starting to lose her self-esteem. How should she solve this?

  • Genre: drama
  • Director: Michal Aviad
  • Cast: Liron Ben-Shlush, Menashe Noy, Oshri Cohen
  • Kijkwijzer: 12+
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Blinded by the Light - drama

Javed is a British teenager of Pakistani descent. In 1987, he lives with his immobile, traditional father in the English town of Luton. Writing poetry is Javan's way of escaping racism and poverty. He strongly identifies with the penetrating texts of Bruce Springsteen. The music of 'The Boss' becomes Javed's most important outlet.

  • Genre: drama
  • Director: Gurinder Chadha
  • Cast: Viveik Kalra, Hayley Atwell, Rob Brydon, Kulvinder Ghir
  • Kijkwijzer: 12+
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Temblores - drama

One day Pablo tells his family with a heavy heart that he has fallen in love with another man. This goes against all the religious values ​​of his family. Pablo has to choose: he is 'healed' or he is rejected. He is increasingly torn between on the one hand the love for his family and on the other his freedom to choose who he loves.

  • Genre: drama
  • Director: Jayro Bustamante
  • Cast: Juan Pablo Olyslager, Diane Bathen, Mauricio Armas
  • Kijkwijzer: 12+
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La Quietud - drama

The sisters Mia and Eugenia both live on a different side of the Atlantic: Mia in Buenos Aires and Eugenia in Paris. Despite the distance, they have always retained their close ties. When their father has a stroke, Eugenia returns from France. Soon after the reunification of the sisters with their mother, old comes very up. The women must face their traumas and reveal hidden secrets.

  • Genre: drama
  • Director: Pablo Trapero
  • Cast: Bérénice Bejo, Martina Gusman, Édgar Ramírez
  • Kijkwijzer: 12+
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The films mentioned in the overview will be shown in Dutch cinemas from 22 August. View here the overview of films released last week.

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