This article is from the VIVA magazine. Wherever you spend your holidays, you always come across the same types. They can get the blood out of your nails, but with this knowledge, you know exactly how to deal with them.

The tour guide

The tour guide is just someone who has been coming to this place for years. He doesn't like variety, that's why. Recognizable by the intimate and jovial connection he maintains with hotel staff and local restaurant owners.

The tour guide tells you (preferably unsolicited) where you have to go and where not, even though he does not know your taste and preferences at all. Does not want a reply, since he knows best how everything works here.

Just like for all other annoying holiday types: stay away from him as much as possible. What could be more fun than discovering everything on holiday? If you really can't escape the tour guide, try to take advantage of him and use him as a walking tour guide.

The clown

The clown is usually a man and usually middle-aged. He really likes excursions, because then he can entertain the rest of the holiday makers and he lives for that. The bus is his stage, his fellow travelers are public.

There are always people in the coach who laugh at the clown, his own wife in the front. So put on your ears if you are in the neighborhood with him on the bus and ignore him as much as possible. Let others laugh at him. If the clown points his arrows at you, look at him incomprehensibly and mutter with a thick, indefinable accent: " I don't speak German ."

The pushing elderly person

Especially in large hotels or on all-inclusive resorts, the penetrating elderly person is completely detached. You have to see it this way: the pushing old man has worked hard all his life and believes that he can now reap the benefits.

Two things are important in dealing with the pushing elderly person: your elbows (you use them frequently and not too gently) and the principle of the same currency. The moment the elderly person goes to lunch, you just take his towel off the beach bed again.

And if you find that one with those elbows difficult, shout: "Look! Julio Iglesias! " or "Hey, André Rieu!" if he just wants to grab fries at the buffet. Then he immediately turns around and loses his focus. You can brag at your leisure.

The do vacationer

The do vacationer loves to do things. See things. To undertake. Go ahead. Out and about. Encountering one during your vacation will not cause you any problems, with him going on vacation all the more.

When you go on holiday with a do-it-yourselfer it is essential to agree in advance (not when you are already at your destination) how often you go out and how often you go chilling.

For the rest, you just have to give it a positive twist: when you go out, the do-vacationer is the one who explores everything and makes a schedule. Very handy, because even if you have to go out, you just have to follow him.

The knowledgeable backpacker

The knowledgeable backpacker does nothing but travel. The know-it-all backpacker has agreements with the tour leader, but goes one step further: because if you talk to him about your vacation, you will soon discover that your standard 10-0 is behind, because he is the ultimate holiday maker who really does know where to be.

The best way to deal with him is to go to places where more than three tourists come, because you won't find the know-it-all Backpacker there. Make your own plan and never let it make you feel that your journey is not spectacular enough.

If you really do not end up with an appointment with him, then agree to swim together in the sea. Why do you ask? Well look: the know-it-all Backpacker finds an ultimate travel experience / immersion in the destination country much more important than (occasionally) a room with a good shower.

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