Anselm Pahnke: "At home, such a trip will not do you any good"

Anselm Pahnke drove around the world for three years, riding his bicycle for thousands of miles. But the biggest adventure was his return.

We used to play soccer together, he was a curious teenager, ten years younger than me, and lived next to the square in Appen-Etz near Hamburg. A few weeks ago he came back to me - with "Markus Lanz", with "Stern TV", with "Spiegel Online": Anselm Nathanael Pahnke, 29, filmmaker. His documentary "Elsewhere, Alone in Africa" ​​is a success in the cinema: a film about his 15,000-kilometer bike ride from South Africa to Egypt. He drank only wells, got malaria and typhus, met lions, was robbed by Congolese Rangers, in the Sahara he had three months of headwinds. But the hardest thing, he told me over the phone, was the return. I want to talk to him about this now. There are many world travelers who talk about their experiences on the way - seldom does one of them tell you about coming back. At our meeting in a café in Munich, he appears on the same bike he traveled with, packed with the same red bags.