Al-Ansari: Qatar hopes that the two sides will be able to stop hostilities during the month of Ramadan (Reuters)

Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid Al-Ansari said that Qatar is optimistic about the ceasefire talks in Gaza, and hopes for a cessation of hostilities during the month of Ramadan, but he stressed that there is no agreement yet between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel.

Al-Ansari added in a press conference on Tuesday in Doha: “We call on all parties to calm down and we seek to reach this goal despite the presence of obstacles.” He stressed that efforts are continuing at various levels regarding mediation and spoke of optimism in light of the continuation of negotiations, and “but there is nothing new to announce.” about him".

He stressed that Qatar hopes that the two parties will be able to stop hostilities during the month of Ramadan, and pointed out that Doha “cannot comment” on the statements of US President Joe Biden, during which he spoke about the possibility of reaching an agreement on a ceasefire next Monday.

The Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman criticized the lack of international pressure to bring aid into Gaza, in light of the decline in the amount of humanitarian shipments that entered the Strip in the recent period, and said: “It is painful for the humanitarian side to be part of the negotiations.”

Terms of an upcoming agreement

Informed sources told Al Jazeera that Israel had agreed to release 400 Palestinian prisoners, including a number of people with high sentences, in exchange for the release of 40 Israeli prisoners, women and the elderly.

The sources explained that Israel stipulated a gradual return of the displaced to the northern Gaza Strip, with the exception of those of military service age.

The sources added that Israel accepted Hamas's request to increase the entry of aid and temporary homes into the Gaza Strip and bring in heavy machinery and equipment, in addition to repositioning its military forces outside crowded areas, and stopping aerial reconnaissance for 8 hours a day.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies