Negotiations between Israel and the Islamic organization Hamas regarding a cessation of fighting have stalled, and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has issued a statement calling for ``Hamas to abandon its delusional demands.'' There continues to be a wide gap in opinion regarding the content.

Negotiations are continuing between Israel and Hamas over a cessation of fighting and the release of hostages, with the mediation of related countries, and on the 14th, the leading American newspaper The New York Times reported that Israel and other mediating countries have It has been announced that the talks in the capital, Cairo, will be extended for three days.

According to sources involved in the negotiations, there is a wide difference in opinion over how many Palestinians held in Israeli prisons should be released for each hostage, and negotiations remain at a difficult stage. You can

Against this backdrop, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement on the 14th, saying, ``To date, through a combination of intense military pressure and determined negotiations, we have freed 112 hostages,'' adding, ``Hamas is making delusional demands.'' must be abolished, and only then will we be able to move forward," he said, calling on Hamas to withdraw its demands.

Prime Minister Netanyahu also posted on social media, saying, ``We will continue to fight until complete victory, including a strong operation against Rafah, after the residents have left the fighting area.'' It once again demonstrated its readiness to carry out military operations.

According to health authorities in the Gaza Strip, 28,576 people have died so far, and as the number of casualties continues to rise, the focus is on whether negotiations can be reached regarding a cessation of fighting.