Yesterday, Sunday, the warning period ended for those drivers who circulate in the center of the capital with the "most polluting" vehicles. In other words, from today, Monday at 00.00 hours, access through the interior of the M-30 is restricted for those cars with environmental classification A that are not registered in Madrid before January 1, 2022 or that do not pay the Mechanical Traction Vehicle Tax (IVTM). If they do, they will be hunted by one of the 257 cameras already placed within this bypass.

Regarding the amounts to be paid, it should be noted that unauthorised access to Madrid LEZ (as this "sustainability strategy" has been baptised) will be considered – and will be sanctioned – as a serious traffic offence, carrying a penalty of 200 euros (100 euros if it is for prompt payment).

In the same way, yesterday also ended the testing phase of the new section radar that has been installed in Calle de Sinesio Delgado, the longest in Madrid with 1.8 kilometres of control. Driving this distance at an average speed of more than 50 kilometres per hour will result in fines of 100 euros, if driving between 51 and 70 km/h, and 600 euros - and six licence points - if driving at more than 101 km/h.

In the direction of Ciudad Universitaria, the starting chamber is located a few meters from the Piedrafita de Cebrero roundabout, at the height of the Ganapanes sports area. The end of the stretch is located just before the intersection with Miraflores Avenue. And the intermediate checkpoint is located at the intersection with Valdeverdeja Street.

Sinesio Delgado under control

On the other hand, and in the Castellana direction, the first device is found when passing the intersection of Sinesio Delgado and Miraflores Avenue. The intermediate checkpoint, across Doroteo Benache Street; and the end, shortly before reaching the roundabout of Piedrafita de Cebrero.

With this, there are now three radars operating in the city. The remaining two are located on the A-5 and Avenida de Córdoba. But, in addition to standing out for its length, Sinesio Delgado is the only one with intermediate speed controls to catch vehicles entering through the access roads.