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Many people start the year with a list of resolutions and goals to achieve, while others do it dreaming about the destinations and places they will visit because they are great travel lovers.

To have everything ready and prepared for your trips, we have made a selection of products so that you do not miss anything so that you can enjoy one of the great hobbies of so many people.

From a wide variety of suitcases, oversized, cabin and smart, to all kinds of accessories that are important to be able to withstand, in some cases, several hours of flight, such as pillows or earplugs to gain comfort . Toiletry bags or bottles that comply with safety measures are also not to be missed.

Favorite 2024 Destinations to Travel

In this article, we are also going to recommend, in case you are not too clear yet, which are going to be the favorite destinations of this new year.

Specialized guides and magazines such as Lonely Planet or National Geographic have made their predictions and we are going to present them to you so that you have plenty to choose from.

For example, Lonely Planet has made a list of 10 places that it recommends to visit and these are: Poland, Algeria, Nicaragua, Egypt, Normandy, the American Midwest, Bulgaria, Ikaria (Greece), South Lakes and Central Otago (New Zealand) and night trains such as the Nightjet line of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) that offers routes through Central Europe.

The Greek island of Ikaria.

On other lists, Mongolia appears as No. 1, although other places such as Nairobi (Kenya), Australia's Kangaroo Island, Scotland and Wales are also among the favorites.

In Europe there are two places that will be fashionable, such as Albania, and more specifically the Albanian Alps, and in Austria there is the city of Bad Ischl, in the Austrian region of Salzkammergut, which in 2024 will be the European Capital of Culture.


And for sports lovers, 2024 is a year with great sporting events such as the European Championship in Germany with incredible venues such as Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt or Hamburg and the Olympic Games in Paris or the America's Cup in the United States in interesting cities to visit such as New York, Miami, Orlando or Houston. The dates of the football tournaments are June and July, while the Games are in July and August.

At BAZAR, we select a variety of interesting products and items to make all your dream trips happen.


This backpack is made of water-resistant polyester, good air permeability and heat dissipation with two padded shoulder straps, it offers light and strength reinforcement, relieving shoulder pressure and keeping it when you wear it to one for a long time.

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This product has become essential to prepare for our trips. Included in this pack are 6 medium-sized space-saving bags for various sizes of items, including clothing, comforters, pillows, shirts, etc. 80% more space than other bags on the market. 1 free hand pump is included in the combo, which can be used during your travels.

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The question of space is always something very important to keep in mind when organizing a trip to store our things. These vacuum packaging bags have a large capacity for all types of garments or bedding. They are practical, resilient and sustainable.

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Brew and drink from a single device with the all-in-one Pipamoka Nomad Coffee Maker. Simple, sturdy, and bright pressure beer, it becomes super easy and quick to fuel your days and enjoy hours of freshly brewed hot coffee during your daily commute, work hours, or adventures.

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The cable organizer measures 19 x 11 x 5.5 cm, small in size and large in capacity. Large aperture design, easy to store and remove the power adapter, categorized and neatly organized to keep your devices in place. Easy to carry, perfect for traveling.

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Fast charging and you don't need multiple chargers on your vacation or business trip. Simple and powerful international adapter plug allows the use of AC power outlet, USB 3.0 fast charging, USB ports and Type-C ports, the maximum current of 3A. It applies smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and more electric chargers and is very easy to use.

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The mobile charger identifies which devices are currently connected and gives each device the right level of charge for fast charging and improved battery life. "A few years ago I discovered the LENCENT Multiport USB Charger and since then it has become a must-have in my daily life and an undisputed travel companion," says one comment.

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Adjustable eye cups that adapt to your face perfectly to block 100% light. Complete darkness increases deep sleep in any environment and position. "It's very good for traveling by plane or bus. Also if you sleep on your back. The best thing about it is that it doesn't really press your eyes," says one Amazon user.

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Ideal for your travels, passport holders provide secure storage for your passport, credit cards, money, and SIM cards, allowing you to enjoy your travels without restrictions.

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This RFID-protected document organizer is equipped with an outer zippered pocket, 8 credit card slots, a zippered mesh pocket, a bill pocket, 3 ID card pockets, a transparent airline ticket pocket, a side pocket, 2 passport pockets, and you can add a pen and key, and with a detachable hand-wrist bracelet.

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These vacuum storage bags allow you to save up to 75% more space in your backpack or suitcase. It's very easy to vacuum close the bag in the ZIP closure, roll the air out of the bag and you're done.

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Leak-Proof Travel Bottles: The 3-layer leak-proof design prevents leaks or spills and provides protection for your luggage and clothing. The opal shape doesn't leave liquids stuck in the corner of the bottle and helps you squeeze out the last drop without wasting privacy products. Leak-proof travel bottles for you

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The clear toiletry bag complies with TSA 3-1-1 rules and regulations of all airlines. These travel cosmetic bags save time and get on board quickly. No more stops or hassle at the airport. Stylish travel bag size: 20.5 x 7 x 17 cm.

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This aluminum suitcase with wheels is perfect for long-term trips. It features three TSA locks, a phone holder, USB charging, four rubber swivel wheels, reinforced corner protectors and a soft telescopic handle. In addition, it has a separate compartment for wet clothes and a dry compartment.

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High accuracy because it weighs luggage up to 50 kg. Measurement graduation: 0.01 kg. It is easy to use and easy to read with 4 types of weight units (lb, g, oz, kg), auto-lock and tare function.

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Los tapones Loop Quiet son reutilizables y duraderos, y están fabricados en silicona suave. Reducen la mayor parte del ruido y te ayudan a entrar en tu burbuja. Tienen un índice de reducción del ruido (SNR) de 26 decibelios y están disponibles en 6 elegantes colores.

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Este modelo de maleta de cabina es ampliable hasta un 15% de su capacidad original. Está fabricada en material ABS+PC, texturizado antirayaduras y antiabolladuras, y cuenta con una cerradura TSA para mayor seguridad. El asa telescópica es ergonómica y tiene tres posiciones de bloqueo y sus ruedas giratorias 360º garantizan un transporte más cómodo.

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Esta mochila de viaje tiene una capacidad de 40 litros, es perfecta para los viajes cortos y largos, y está diseñada para que puedas meter todos tus objetos en ella sin problemas. La abertura, similar a la de una maleta, puede abrirse con flexibilidad y es lo bastante grande para que hacer la maleta sea coser y cantar.

Tiene seis bolsillos, un compartimento principal espacioso, otro acolchado independiente para un portatil 17 pulgadas, un organizador frontal con llave; además tiene un bolsillo exterior más pequeño con cremallera para accesorios y portabotellas lateral. Está fabricada con nailon de sarga 600D, que es impermeable y resistente. Las correas anchas y bien acolchadas para los hombros.

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This cabin bag is authorised by Ryanair and Vueling airlines. It has dimensions of 40 x 55 x 20 cm, is shock-resistant and has a secure closure system with a numerical combination. In addition, it has two additional hooks that prevent the bag from falling on your head during the trip.

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The hard suitcase is the most practical type of suitcase for traveling. This one from Ithaca has dimensions of 55 x 55 x 30 cm and is perfect for short trips. It has four swivel wheels, so making your way through terminals and airstrips is much easier. In addition, it has internal departments, watertight separation, automatic closing and isofix for a better fit to the car.

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It has a size 24x20x10 cm / extended size 46x24x9 cm. It contains 10 small pockets of different sizes and shapes. This toiletry bag is big enough to hold all your essentials like makeup, shampoo. , shower gel, toothbrush, towels and more Everything has its place and can be found in seconds and keep things clean and tidy.

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Best Brand Quality & Comfort: Thanks to probably the best travel pillow set on the market you are always rested and relaxed during your travels. High quality, durable, comfortable for maximum comfort and health. The material is made of high-quality memory memory foam, which wraps the neck ideally and at the same time provides you with the necessary support through the ergonomic collar, so that you always arrive relaxed.

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These refillable travel bottles are made of food-grade, BPA-free silicone. Travel-sized bottles are soft and durable, and also safe for other liquids, such as sauces, salad dressings, and more, they're perfect for long-term use.

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For trips of a week or less, this cabin travel suitcase is perfect. It has small dimensions, 53 x 33.5 x 22 cm, and a maximum weight of 13 kilos. It is made of 60% recycled ABS (saving up to 14 15-liter bottles in each suitcase) that perfectly combines lightness and hardness. It features a three-digit side combination closure and four multi-directional double wheels that glide smoothly with the ride.

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American Tourister suitcases are a classic in the world of travel, both professionally and for the home user. This is a large-capacity wheeled spinner case with multiple pockets and straps to store everything you need during a trip.

It has dimensions of 55 cm x 29 x 75 cm and a capacity of 57.5 litres. The suitcase is made of extremely strong and resistant polypropylene that guarantees the strength of the wheels, the zipper and the fixed three-digit TSA closure. In addition, it is available in various colors.

You can buy it here.


This swivel rigid travel suitcase is perfect for 3-5 day trips. It has dimensions of 55 cm and its interior is lined with a divider and three zippered compartments for convenient storage of smaller items. In addition, it has four swivel wheels that ensure smooth rolling mobility in any direction.

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The spinner suitcase is one of the best-selling typologies in recent years. It's based on the idea that most people opt for the wheeled model, but not everyone needs a giant suitcase, so smaller ones have been created, like this one from American Tourister.

This model has an approximate capacity of 35 litres and is made of polypropylene, which gives it lightness and resistance. The TSA fixed lock is recessed and has double wheels that guarantee a smooth and comfortable glide. In addition, the suitcase can be extended up to 55 cm.

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This travel suitcase has dimensions of 46 x 30.5 x 18 cm, is approved by airlines for use as a cabin suitcase and therefore can be carried in the cabin without paying any supplement. In addition, it has several compartments to store everything you need.

The casing is very sturdy and opens with a numerical combination. In addition, it has double swivel wheels that allow it to move around easily.

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Laptop wheeled case designed for professionals who need to get around. It features an easy-access front pocket with compartments for small items such as pens, notebooks, and business cards. The padded compartment is for a single laptop up to 16 inches. The dimensions of the interior space for the laptop are 40 x 32 x 5 cm.

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Made of rigid EVA tin material for indoor use, waterproof and resistant to bacteria. It doesn't have any special smell and serves as a clean and hygienic storage space for your toothbrush. The rigid polyurethane outer shell does not deform easily, it is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof to prevent your toothbrush or accessories from being damaged by bumps and scratches.

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