Slippery winter roads

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SVT reports live on the traffic

It is messy in the traffic on Friday with several accidents in the slippery conditions, especially in parts of Svealand and Götaland where SMHI has warned of icy conditions.

Follow SVT Nyheter's live report on weather and traffic below.

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Linnea Carlén


5 min

Emergency services on site at the E4 at the height of Åby outside Norrköping where three trucks and two cars collided. Photo: Magnus Andersson/TT

Niklas Lundell


32 min

Kilometre-long queue outside Norrköping

Shortly before nine o'clock on Friday morning, at least three trucks and a couple of cars were involved in a traffic accident on the E4 at Stenkullen, Björnsnäs interchange north of Norrköping. According to the police, there is currently a kilometre-long queue on the stretch.

Collision on E4 between several trucks and cars north of Norrköping

Niklas Lundell


35 min

Several accidents in Sörmland

In Sörmland, at least 14 accidents have occurred since midnight and several cars are reported to have gone off the road - described as soapy slippery.

Among other things, several collisions have occurred where cars drove into trees, central barriers and into ditches. There are currently no reports of casualties, according to the emergency services.

Oscar Lundberg