• Generalitat Pere Aragonès uses his Christmas message to demand that Pedro Sánchez specify the conditions for the referendum in 2024
  • Catalonia The PSC considers overturning the Generalitat's Budget and forcing an early election

The message from the Socialists to the Generalitat is clear: if the demand for the referendum on self-determination is put aside, we can talk about a new financing system that benefits Catalonia.

If last week it was the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who expressed himself in these terms, just before the meeting he held on Thursday in Barcelona with the head of the Catalan Executive, Pere Aragonès, this morning it was the leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa, who recommended that the independence movement focus on its demand for singular financing instead of "persisting in divisive approaches".

Speaking from Cervera (Lleida), the first secretary of the Catalan Socialists responded to the president's Christmas speech, delivered last night on the occasion of the regional feast of St. Stephen, and called on him to work to achieve "fair and agreed funding for Catalonia". And this means, in the first place, "being in the chairs that correspond to the Generalitat at the negotiating tables to achieve this". A reproach for the absence of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Natàlia Mas, at the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council held in Madrid two weeks ago.

In his institutional message, Aragonès said that "2024 must be the year in which the second phase of the negotiation process with the State is addressed" so that "Catalonia can freely decide its future". Illa today recommended to the leader of Esquerra Republicana that he focus on governing and not on "dividing Catalan society".

The leader of the opposition in Parliament has said that his party shares that the region "needs good, fair and agreed funding", but also "a Government that does not use funding as an excuse not to do the work that corresponds to it". And, in this sense, he pointed out the deficits in the management of the Executive in terms of education, the fight against drought, renewable energies or infrastructures.

Specifically, the Socialists are committed to developing Article 204 of the Statute, which provides that "the management, collection, settlement and inspection" of State taxes can be delegated to the Generalitat with the constitution, within two years, of "a consortium or equivalent entity with equal participation of the State Tax Administration Agency and the Tax Agency of Catalonia". The text also states that "the consortium may be transformed into the Tax Administration in Catalonia". The deployment of this article to improve Catalan financing is not a new idea, as the PSC had proposed it in the last regional elections.


In his press conference, Illa once again cooled the Catalan government's expectations of getting the support of the Socialists for next year's regional budgets. The leader of the PSC has once again conditioned the negotiation to the prior fulfillment of the pact that allowed the approval of the current accounts, which went ahead thanks to the affirmative vote of his party: "Until then, we will not sit down to talk about concrete proposals, first it is necessary to comply with the agreements we reached".

On the other hand, the first secretary of the Catalan Socialists has reproached the "triumphalist" words of the president in his Christmas message and has asked him to "recognize the mistakes" of the pro-independence governments during the last decade. And, in particular, he pointed out the negative results of Catalan students in the recent PISA Report of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

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