The unity of the West over support for Ukraine is being questioned, but the unity within the administration is also a problem in Ukraine.

This is a commentary by "BS International News 2023" anchor Hideki Yui.
(Broadcast on December 12)

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This week, once again, the focus was on the relationship between President Zelensky and the head of the armed forces, General Zaluzhny.

Until now, Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny has expressed the view that "the battle is at a stalemate," while President Zelensky has denied that "it is not a stalemate," and discord between the two has been pointed out.

A new surface this week was Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny's frustration with President Zelenskyy's decision.

The decision came as President Zelensky fired the heads of all state conscription offices in August over a spate of draft evasion corruption.

In response, General Zaluzhny was quoted as saying this week, "The people in charge who were fired were professionals, they knew how to do their jobs, but they are not there now."

The relationship between the two has once again attracted attention, but President Zelensky said this when asked at a press conference this week.

"I work with General Zaluzhny, and he and the General Staff are responsible for what happens on the battlefield," which is

a subtle way of saying that he is denying discord, but also imposing responsibility.

At this press conference, President Zelensky clarified that 'the military is requesting additional mobilization of 40,50 to <>,<> people,' while stating that 'careful discussion is necessary,' and indicating that he will not approve it immediately, and it seems that there is a possibility that there is a difference of opinion between the president and the military over additional mobilization.

The relationship between the president and the commander-in-chief is of high interest, and when a Kyiv research agency conducted a poll of citizens this month asking whether they were for or against the removal of General Zaluzhny, 72% disagreed.
In other words, only 2% of respondents agreed.

In addition, when it comes to the level of trust between the two, 2% said they trust General Zaluzhny, far ahead of President Zelensky, who said they trust 88%.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian government is concerned about the possibility that Russia will use the relationship between the two to fuel the division of Ukraine.

In fact, it was reported in several Russian media that Naryshkin, the head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, said this month that "Western countries are discussing a replacement to replace President Zelensky, and multiple names such as Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny have been mentioned," and the Ukrainian side is increasing its vigilance.

Can we maintain both the unity of the West and the United States?
Next year is going to be a trying year for President Zelensky.