"Apparently, experience does not teach the Ukrainian authorities anything. I remember that they jumped and danced on the Euromaidan, probably, the meaning here lies not so much in this exclusive "rite" for Ukraine's accession to the EU, but Kuleba says that they are ready for a change of power for Ukraine to join the EU," the political scientist said.

In his opinion, if the EU "gives the go-ahead" and it is stated that Ukraine's accession to the EU depends on the current Ukrainian leader, then "a completely different candidate will be promoted" who will "appeal more" to the European authorities.

Earlier, Kuleba said that Kyiv was ready to "jump and dance" for the sake of joining the European Union.

On November 8, the European Commission recommended that the EU Council begin negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova on the accession of these countries to the EU, subject to a number of conditions.

According to Marian Carey, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Slovak Parliament, Ukraine is not ready to start negotiations on joining the European Union.