Institutions, banks, schools, universities, ministries and shops closed in the West Bank to condemn the war on Gaza (Reuters)

A comprehensive strike on Monday spread to several Arab and Islamic cities around the world to condemn the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

In previous days, activists on social media platforms have called for a comprehensive strike around the world in solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip in the face of the Israeli aggression.

The activists said the strike was aimed at pressuring governments to take serious action to stop the ongoing Israeli massacres and genocide in Gaza.

According to the details of the calls circulating on social media, participation in the global strike includes refraining from going to work centers, schools, and universities, or opening shops in commercial centers, not using vehicles, and not shopping or using bank cards to pay for their purchases.

For its part, the International Union of Muslim Scholars announced its support for the calls for a global strike and called for strong participation in the strike scheduled for Monday, to press for an end to the ongoing Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, which has been going on for more than two months.

The Union also called – in a statement – Muslims and free people in the world to demonstrate and sit-in against the crimes of the Israeli occupation and its partner the United States of America, and urged the continuation of the strike and to mobilize institutions, bodies, parties, movements and major figures in the world until it achieves its goal, and their governments respond to the desire of the peoples and stop the war.

The hashtag #الإضراب_الشامل tops the Arab and international interaction lists coinciding with a strike in a number of cities around the world #Gaza_War

— Al Jazeera (@AJArabic) December 11, 2023


Lebanon has committed to the global calls for a comprehensive strike in support of the Gaza Strip, and the movement has completely stopped in the streets of the capital Beirut and other Lebanese cities, in solidarity with Gaza, the Palestinian people, and the southern Lebanese villages.

Public and private schools, banks, public administrations and a number of private administrations were closed in compliance with the government's decision calling for a comprehensive strike.

On Sunday, the Lebanese Council of Ministers announced the closure of all administrations and institutions in the country, on Monday, in solidarity with Gaza, the Palestinian people, and the southern Lebanese villages, and in response to the global call for Gaza.

The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants also announced today the closure of its departments today in Lebanon and Lebanese missions abroad, in compliance with the memorandum of the Council of Ministers.

Press coverage: "Strike in Lebanon; in support of Gaza".

— Quds News Network (@qudsn) December 11, 2023


The general strike spread to all aspects of life in the West Bank, and unions, federations, banks, Palestinian factions and companies announced Sunday in separate statements that they had joined the general strike.

Transportation was paralyzed in all governorates of the West Bank, and institutions and banks, schools and universities, ministries, and shops were closed, and trading session on the local stock exchange was suspended today.

In a previous statement, the Palestinian forces and factions called for taking to the streets, city squares, villages and camps to express the unity of blood and destiny and a victory for the innocent unarmed, and to send a message to the world that the Palestinian people will stand firmly against attempts to uproot and displace, and that the legitimate struggle will continue until freedom and independence are achieved.

Mass strike in all aspects of life in the West Bank (Reuters)


There is a clear response to the strike in the capital Amman and a number of other governorates and Palestinian refugee camps, where large numbers of shops closed their doors, and banners indicating their strike for the Gaza Strip were hung, and a large number of private companies announced their participation in the strike and the non-working of their employees.

The noticeable decline in traffic and the number of students heading to schools and universities showed the level of response to the strike, while the hashtag "comprehensive strike" topped the list of the most trending hashtags on the X platform in Jordan.

Activists spotted pictures of some of the kingdom's streets and the courtyards of private and public universities, which are almost empty.

Wide participation in the Jordanian capital Amman and the city of Ma'an in the general strike in solidarity with Gaza and condemning the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip #Gaza_War #فيديو

— Al Jazeera Palestine (@AJA_Palestine) December 11, 2023


The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Mauritania announced the postponement of all lessons and tests scheduled for Monday, to participate in the activities that will be organized in solidarity with the Gaza Strip.

The General Union of Mauritanian Students and the Mauritanian Student Rally for Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa called on students of the University of Nouakchott to participate in the comprehensive strike in order to stop the genocide committed by the Israeli occupation army against the residents of the Gaza Strip.

A group of Mauritanian civil society organizations also called for participation in the strike to protest the continued Israeli aggression.

From Mauritania with the comprehensive global strike to stop the brutal aggression on Gaza #الاثنين 11/

— Esraa Alshikh Esraa El Sheikh (@Esralshikh) December 10, 2023


Many shops, markets and restaurants were closed in some Turkish states in response to calls for a strike in solidarity with the Gaza Strip, and several private schools and educational institutes announced the suspension of their working hours today, condemning the Israeli massacres in the Gaza Strip.

Shops and markets in some Turkish states participate in a strike in response to calls for solidarity with the Gaza Strip #GazaWar #فيديو

— Al Jazeera Palestine (@AJA_Palestine) December 11, 2023

Several other countries, including Morocco, Tunisia, Qatar, Iraq and European countries, also witnessed individual participation in the strike by some activists and owners of private companies and shops that announced the closure of their doors and the suspension of services for this day in solidarity with Gaza.

Since October 7, the Israeli occupation army has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, leaving about 18,47 martyrs, about <>,<> wounded, most of them children and women, in addition to thousands still under the rubble believed to have been martyred, massive destruction of infrastructure, and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

Source : Al Jazeera + Agencies