DRC elections: Moïse Katumbi vows to make Kinshasa 'the most beautiful capital in Africa'

In the DRC, the electoral campaign is in full swing ten days before its official end. Opposition leader Moïse Katumbi held his campaign rally in the capital on Saturday (December 9th), criticising the record of outgoing President Félix Tshisekedi, who is running for his own succession. He was accompanied by four candidates who withdrew in his favour: former Prime Minister Matata Ponyo, Seth Kikuni, Frank Diongo and most recently Delly Sesanga.

Opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi continues to deliver tough rhetoric against incumbent President Félix Tshisekedi. Here in Beni on November 27, 2023. © Arlette Bashizi / Reuters

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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

At 15 p.m., Moïse Katumbi and all his four allies who withdrew in his favor arrived in Sainte-Thérèse, in the heart of the popular commune of Ndjili, after traveling about ten kilometers from the airport, accompanied by the crowd. It was a show of force for his supporters, who wore T-shirts and flags bearing the image of their candidate: "It's a mobilization that expresses the rejection of our people towards this dying power," said one of them.

As in his previous speeches, the candidate criticised the outgoing president's governance, which he considers "chaotic" against a backdrop of corruption scandals and broken promises. Be it on the social, economic or security front, with a security crisis in the East as well as in the Southwest.

« I am Moses, I have received a mission from God to save the country »

On the podium, Moïse Katumbi harangued the crowd by asking questions about Félix Tshisekedi: "Did he lower the price of flour, a bag of rice, a carton of chicken? Did it lower the exchange rate of the dollar? Did he build you the promised metro in Kinshasa? Has it created jobs? Nothing but false promises for five years. It's over. On December 20, we must remove them from power. I am Moses, I have received a mission from God to save the country.


Moise Katumbi says he dreams big for the capital Kinshasa, which has the largest electorate in the country. He says he wants to make the megalopolis the most beautiful capital in Africa with modern infrastructure.

If elected, the opponent promises to reduce the lifestyle of political institutions, starting with the presidency. He also promised to abolish the first lady's office and forfeit her salary, if he manages to win against Felix Tshisekedi. He also proposes to reduce MPs' emoluments, a subject that has been the subject of controversy for the past year.

The opponent also asked his supporters not to leave the polling sites before the results were posted in order to avoid what he described as "planned fraud".

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