• Justice Sánchez considers the CGPJ pact lost before the European elections
  • Sumar Yolanda Díaz expects a direct "opposition" from Podemos on economic issues

Pedro Sánchez has introduced this Thursday a new twist in his defense of pardon for those prosecuted for the illegal referendum of 1-O in Catalonia. "I am so convinced of the virtues of the Amnesty Law that I am persuaded that the PP, if it had not depended on the votes of Vox to be able to carry out its investiture and only on peripheral nationalism, would have approved the Amnesty Law," said the President of the Government in an interview on Antena 3.

In addition, he stressed that it will be "the legislative power" and not the Executive that will give the green light to the application of this measure of grace foreseeably with 178 votes in Congress, two more than the absolute majority, which, he indicated, is "a not insignificant number".

In the interview, which was very tense at times, Sánchez said that the government of José María Aznar "approved 1,400 pardons in a single day".

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